Jul 30, 2009 | « back

Billy Talent – III

Toronto band Billy Talent has struck gold with their first two records and if early sales of this newest record are any indication, their third record is on the same track of success within Canada at the very least. Mega-producer Brendan O’Brien is manning the control board for this newest album and the benefits of the band working with him are immediately heard.

One of the first things I noted is that O’Brien seems to have brought out the best in Ben Kowalewicz’s vocals; the high-pitched vocals that dominated their previous efforts and hits are instead melodic and focused. As a whole, BT is tight as ever as they pound through heavy-hitting songs like “Tears Into Wine”, “Devil On My Shoulder”, “Diamond On A Landmine” and first single “Rusted From The Rain”.

If this isn’t the record that finally introduces Billy Talent to big-time success in the US, I will truly be surprised.

July 30, 2009