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Scandalous Travelers

Released Date: November 23, 2004
Label: WEA International

This DVD documents the early history of Billy Talent, leading up to their participation at the 2004 Warped Tour. It also includes video footage from their Edgefest performance, along with various radio interviews conducted in London, ON.

Track Listing:

  • Movie: Scandalous Travelers
  • Stills Galleries
    • Onstage
    • Backstage
    • Offstage
    • Aaron’s Injuries
  • Biographies
    • Ben Kowalewicz
    • Ian D’sa
    • Aaron Solowoniuk
    • Jon Gallant
  • Bonus Footage
    • Live: Hurricane Festival, Germany “This Is How It Goes”
    • Live Acoustic: “Standing In The Rain”, “Lies”, “Try Honesty”
    • Live: Pittsburgh, USA “Cut The Curtains”
    • Live: Leeds Festival, UK “Line & Sinker”
    • Live: Wapped Tour, Toronto “Living In The Shodows”
    • Crowd Surfing With The Beatsteaks