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Aug 12, 2019

Billy Talent Guitars, Drums, Amps, and More Available Now on Reverb

The Official Billy Talent Reverb Shop will be stocked with over 50 pieces of gear, including a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier head used during the first years of the group. “This was my first amp that I bought when we got our publishing deal, before our first record came out,” says guitarist Ian D’Sa. “I toured with that amp for the early years of Billy Talent.”

Go to the official Billy Talent Reverb Shop Here.

The shop will also feature:

– A black 2002 Fender Telecaster MIM used by D’Sa played on tours from 2002–06
– A George Way 5.5″ X 14″ chrome over brass snare and a Pearl Reference 14″ X 6.5″ cast steel snare, both of which have been a staple of the band’s setup on tour for years. “They must have made it out to a couple of Warped Tours in the past,” says Aaron Solowoniuk, drummer of Billy Talent. “I’ve always had these snares touring around with me.”
– A WFL Ludwig 1948–52 24″ bass drum that Solowoniuk planned on restoring, but ultimately didn’t. “I’d like to send it to someone who’s really good at restoring old drums that need work,” Solowoniuk says.
A Vox AD 4X12 cabinet with road case that D’Sa used with his Stevenson on the band’s first album cycle.
– A 1962 Fender Tremolux head with 2X10 cabinet used on the band’s fourth album Dead Silence. “They’re my favorite sounding amp,” D’Sa says.
“We’ve collected too much stuff over the years, and we’d rather see somebody using it or playing it, or doing something with it rather than it sitting on the shelf,” said D’Sa.

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